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eSense Translations has a wealth of experience in providing high-quality translation services for any purpose that our clients require. Whether your data collection is qualitative or quantitative, we will provide your data in any format required for ease of your analysis.

Capacity for over 250 languages

Our extensive database of professional, experienced translators covers over 250 languages and dialects and we have yet to find a language request that we were unable to meet!

Specialist Translators

We will allocate your project request to a translator, with specialist subject knowledge. This will ensure a complete understanding of the topic, its industry-specific terminology and the purpose of the text. Essential!

Demand for Perfection with Proofreading as Standard

The clients we work with demand perfection in our translation, and that is what we deliver. All translation work is proofread by an equally-qualified, subject-specialist translator to ensure maximum accuracy in the final piece. Proofreaders are incentivised to find errors, and deliberate errors are placed into any translated text to be proofread as a failsafe to make sure proofreaders are completely thorough.

Extra Benefits with No Additional Costs

eSense Translations provides its clients with a final translation that is ready to use for the purpose intended. We will present your data in any format, using templates or populating spreadsheets to meet your exact requirements. This comes free of any additional charge, as part of our service.

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