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Audio to written with ease

If your data collection takes an audio format, for example via in-depth interviews, focus groups or telephone interviews, eSense Translations’ extensive database of highly-skilled transcribers are ready to assist.

What information do you want to see?

Our team will follow your exact project requirements to ensure your transcript is presented ready for use. This may include using full verbatim or intelligent verbatim, time codes at specified intervals, or entering the data on a predetermined template.

Limitless language options

With over 250 languages on our database, we offer transcription services from source language to target language in almost any combination you require.

Love transcripts, hate inaudibles:

We ensure everything possible is done to ensure there are as few as possible of the dreaded ‘inaudible’ timestamps on every transcript we produce. We go through each audio file meticulously, and use audio enhancement software where required, to ensure that everything that can be heard WILL be heard!

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