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eSense Translations has extensive experience translating legal documents and patent applications quickly and accurately.

Our national team of skilled translators include experienced legal translation specialists, who are familiar with the law and legal terminology. We will always give your documents to a member of our team with relevant expertise so you can be confident the translation will be of the highest quality and completely accurate.

Translators with patent expertise

Translations for patent applications will be assigned to staff with specific expertise in this area. If your document is to be filed in court or at a patent office, we will make sure it is delivered to you in the right format, including any necessary certification.

We also appreciate that confidentiality is absolutely essential and all documents will be treated in the strictest confidence. We operate a robust and clear confidentiality policy, which all our interpreters and translators adhere to.

We work with both small and large legal practices as well as the legal departments of large corporations. We are able to accommodate tight deadlines and all our translations are independently checked word-for-word by our expert proofreading team.