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The Broad Reach of Translation Services

“Translation services only affect a small section of industry and have little impact on my business.” For those people not involved in the language services industry, this is a common misconception. eSense Translations looks to bust that myth and demonstrate how translation can be relevant across many industries.

Did you know that the percentage of internet users reached 43% in 2015? That’s 3.2 million people. Moreover, with the rapid growth rate of usage, this figure is likely to be significantly higher by the end of 2017.

The relevance of this fact to our topic of translation services is that with this increased connectivity, businesses, organisations and individuals are communicating with each other across the globe. And as 75% of people have been shown to avoid making important purchasing decisions unless product descriptions are in their own language, the demand for translation has increased rapidly.

This opens up immense opportunities for businesses, as they are now no longer limited to the local market; they can promote and sell their products worldwide.

Big brands have been advertising globally for a while; whether it is on billboards or via TV advertising. However, with the development of digital marketing, where big budgets are not required, it has become easier for smaller business to also communicate with a global audience. Website content, blogs, social media posts and emails are now all being translated and localised to attract new business.

Translation is therefore required in any industry sector looking at global marketing, but once this business is obtained, the requirement for translation becomes wider still. For example, if it is a product you are selling to an international audience, instruction manuals and user guides need to be translated. Working with an international workforce means that contracts, handbooks and procedures need translation and also face-to-face interpreting services may become relevant to assist with the employee’ integration into a foreign community.

Many companies look to complete market research in their local target market prior to launching a new product and so this is another key area where translation services become important. eSense Translations work with a number of global market research companies, all looking to communicate with groups of non-English speaking participants and analyse data from their results.

A more traditional area for language service providers is immigration law. Many legal firms work in the immigration sector and therefore require their clients documents translated and need interpreters to assist at their hearings.

Again once the immigration process is complete, it then leads to a wider requirement for interpreting and translation services within the community. eSense Translations enjoys great working relationships with housing associations, job centres and charities, to name only a few sectors, all of whom require interpreting and translation services.

As is illustrated above, language services, particularly translation, are becoming more and more relevant for businesses across the industry sectors. If you have considered growth in a new, overseas market and are wondering how translation services could assist you, get in contact with us. Our free consultation service is there for anyone looking for guidance on the most effective strategies to use for your international communication.


By Lorna Paice

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