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Exploring the difference between British and American English

Living and working in the U.K., yet with the hugely popular influence of American culture via films and music, like many, at eSense Translations, we are aware of some of the differences between the British and the American use of the English language. In some cases, and it may be argued, particularly amongst the younger  […]


Can the use of Emojis be considered a language in which we communicate?

In today’s digital world, where communicating online via social media and mobile messaging apps is the norm, the use of visual language is extremely common. In fact, from a marketing perspective, the use of visual tools; photos, graphics, infographs and videos, is encouraged as it enhances audience engagement. Over the last few years, the use  […]

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Dispelling 5 Common Myths about Interpreting and Translation

  For those of us working within the translation industry, there is a lot of knowledge that we take for granted. When a new customer therefore approaches with a query, we are sometimes surprised by the beliefs they hold about the industry and it can be easy to neglect certain facts and gloss over the  […]

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5 Big Brand Translation Fails

  As global trade increases and more brands are looking to market their products to an international market, getting your marketing message right for your audience is crucial for success. Your brand defines your business, what your ethos is and what message you are trying to convey to your audience. Surely, then when marketing a  […]

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Translation: Why you need a specialist in your industry

Effective translations are much more than a straightforward word for word transfer of information. Being fluent in both languages, even being able to write competently in those languages, does not automatically mean you can translate successfully. Professional translators spend years training and honing their skills to create quality translations for their clients. This week, eSense  […]

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Simultaneous versus Consecutive Interpreting: Exploring the Differences

When you book an interpreter for a session, do you have an expectation of what type of interpreting they will use or how they will go about conveying the information to your client? Professional interpreters will use one of two types of interpreting; either consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting. Each type is suited to different  […]

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Exploring the use of Arabic in the U.K.

Arabic is the native language of over 200 million people residing in a geographical region that stretches from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa, also known as the Arab World. According to a census taken in 2011, 0.3% of the population speak Arabic in the U.K. This comes sixth in the list of immigrant languages spoken  […]

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Six Surprising Statistics on Global Social Media Usage

In 2003, a study published by asserted that 80% of the language used on the internet was English. However, the internet’s ability to connect people from across the world, sometimes from small, remote communities, means that other languages are now being used more and more.   Today, the use of language across the internet  […]

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8 Top Tips for Maintaining Fluency of a Second Language

Learning a second language can take hours and hours of study and practise to become fully fluent in and to be able to hold oneself confidently in a conversation. Unfortunately, if you are not using that second language on a regular basis, those skills can quickly begin to diminish. Even those people who are lucky  […]