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It’s all Greek to me!

I have just come back from a trip to the gorgeous Greek island of Crete and, as someone who has an interest in languages, I was a little dismayed, but equally not surprised, how few attempts from tourists there were to speak the local language. In Crete, English tourists continue to have the advantage of  […]

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Ramadan: How does this time of reflection affect daily life?

This week, starting from the 15th May, millions of Muslims across the world have begun observing their period of Ramadan. eSense Translations shares in our blog this week what this can involves and how it impacts Muslims on a day-to-day basis. Ramadan is a month long period of reflection and sacrifice that enables those of  […]

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The challenges involved when facing a translation project

Working as a translator can be extremely rewarding. You can earn a living researching and learning about new ideas and concepts, each and every day. Furthermore, you can structure your day as you please, working on your translations at the time of day that is most effective for you. However, there are also several challenges  […]

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Words Where You Are

Have you ever been in the situation where you are away from your home town and have used a word in conversation that is received with a blank stare? Across the U.K., although we all speak the same language, each area has its own bank of words that are unique to the region. In a  […]

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Celebrating English Language Day and William Shakespeare

On the 23rd April, the UN celebrated English Language Day. This day was part of an initiative that was established by the Department of Public Information at the UN in 2010, where each of the organisation’s six official  languages were assigned their own language day. The motivation behind establishing these days was to promote multilingualism  […]

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5 industries that are growing internationally using translation services

In our digital world of today, when communication with someone in China, India or the US is almost as easy as someone from two doors down, translation plays a big part in our daily business. We have discussed frequently in our eSense Translations’ blogs how digital communication has made the world a smaller place and  […]

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Discover Songkran – The Thai New Year

This weekend, starting from Friday, people across Thailand will be celebrating Songkran, the Thai New Year. eSense Translations shares the traditions of this festival, their meanings and how the Thai people celebrate. Songkran is a time of joyous celebration, where Thai people enjoy spending time with their family and friends. Many offices, businesses and independent  […]

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What are the skills required for top-quality proofreading?

Proofreading is an easy task, right? Surely, you just need to be able to read a document and check it for correct spelling and punctuation. This is a common myth about proofreading work, but in actual fact, proofreading is a much more in-depth and demanding task that it may first appear. eSense Translations reviews the  […]

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Understanding the qualifications required for BSL interpreting

With the recent interest in making British Sign Language part of the national curriculum, eSense Translations reviews the paths that can be taken to become a fully-qualified British Sign Language interpreter and what the professional development expectations are.   Unless one actively seeks to learn British Sign Language, maybe to assist with communication with a  […]

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The Challenges Involved in Social Media Translation

Communication and engagement via social media is booming. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, we now have more ways than ever to have conversations with others from across the world. With an amazing opportunity within social media to increase their customer base, most businesses and organisations have also decided to get ‘social’ and connect  […]