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Wordplay and its role in language learning

Following our post last week on proofreading and editing, in which we demonstrated how a comma could completely turn around the meaning of a sentence, this week eSense Translations would like to share some of our favourite examples of wordplay and look at why they are valuable in our learning of the English language.    […]

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Proofreading and Editing: What’s the difference?

When translating a document, there are several stages taken to ensure the quality of the final piece is the best it can be. At eSense Translations, we provide proofreading by an independent linguist as standard; included with every translation piece. However, this is not just a simple spell check. What goes on behind the scenes  […]

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2019: The Year of Indigenous Languages

It is estimated that 2,680 languages are in danger of becoming extinct. Furthermore, by the turn of the century, it is claimed that at least 50 percent of the world’s current spoken languages could be lost! This is an astonishingly scary figure! Thankfully, to combat this, the United Nations have declared 2019 The Year of  […]

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Learning a second language: Where did the U.K. go wrong?

With Brexit looming and the future of British and European relationships uncertain, we are currently really in the spotlight, especially in Europe, but even across the world. As new negotiations are made, I wonder if our general lack of language ability is becoming a hindrance. Why are our language skills so far behind those of  […]

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Celebrating the Moon Festival in China

On Monday 24th September, China celebrates the Moon Festival. Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, this is one of the biggest celebrations of the year for Chinese people, second only to Chinese New Year. This week, eSense Translations explores the meaning behind it and the celebrations that take place.   The Moon Festival always takes  […]

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Discover how translation services can benefit your business

Translation services are relevant for all businesses looking to be successful. I realise that this is quite a bold statement, but check out our blog below from eSense Translations this week and discover why this is the case and how translation is a necessity for businesses today. When I discuss our business with friends and  […]

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English Grammar: Is it as tricky as we claim?

English grammar is renowned for being particularly tricky. We have rules that are not consistent and spelling that doesn’t always make sense, never mind the correct use of punctuation! But how hard is it really? Is the English language really more difficult than other languages or do other languages also incite confusion from participants? This week, our  […]

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Celebrating the Hindu festival of Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the annual Hindu celebration of the birth of Krishna. Like many religious festivals, the date of the celebration varies according to the lunar calendar. Janmashtami falls on the eight day of the Hindu holy month of Shravana and this year, that works out to be this Sunday, 2nd September. This is the theme  […]

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Discover language ‘borrowing’

Language is a constantly evolving entity, dependent on how people are currently speaking and the types of things they are speaking about. This evolution has continued at a particularly rapid rate over recent years due to the fast moving development of digital technology and how widely it taken on board. Another big factor in language  […]