The Top 7 Errors in English Grammar

As a language service provider, eSense Translations deals with a lot of written translation work both into and from English. We are therefore aware of how tricky the English language can be and how the many rules surrounding the written grammar can often trip people up, particularly if you are not a native speaker and  […]

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The Lingua Franca of the Winter Olympics

As communication is becoming more and more globalised through business and social interaction online, English continues to dominate as the lingua franca in which to network. This is particularly apparent in our movie and pop culture, certainly in the western world. English also remains the first language for most of the top social media sites.  […]

Chinese New Year, dragon

Chinese New Year Celebrations in the U.K.

Last year, eSense Translations explored the meaning behind some of the traditions of Chinese New Year. This year we turn our focus to the U.K. and share what celebrations are taking place here during this time.   2018 is the Chinese ‘Year of the Dog’. The Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals, with each year being  […]

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9 Things You Can Expect When Working with an Interpreter

When faced with a language barrier, it is likely that you may require the services of an interpreter. If interpreting services are unfamiliar to you, what can you expect from your language service provider? eSense Translations shares 9 things you can anticipate when booking these services.   A professional approach to the job Interpreters take  […]

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Audio Transcription: How to obtain the best results for your project

Audiovisual transcription and translation is experiencing a boom following an unprecedented growth in digital video consumption over the last two years. eMarketer estimated a 8.2% growth in digital video audience figures in 2017 and with this growth there are many instances where a written transcript is required. Transcription can serve to create subtitles for a  […]

Afghanistan, conflict, army

Supporting interpreters in conflict zones: Has the situation improved?

Nearly a year and a half ago, in August 2016, eSense Translations wrote about the role of interpreters in conflict zones. The U.K.’s presence in Afghanistan has long been diminished, but has the support for these interpreters, who assisted during this conflict, improved? Following recent reports on the topic, eSense Translations revisits this question. The  […]

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How has video game translation and localisation changed in recent years?

The gaming industry has moved on rapidly in the last thirty years, from simple yellow Pac-Man faces of the 80’s trying to eat dots and avoid ghosts to the sophisticated virtual reality games of today where a player can become fully immersed in a whole different world to take on their own role in the  […]

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Top trends in the translation industry in 2018

It is an exciting time for the translation industry with many factors affecting its growth and diversity. Globalisation through internet usage, new technology, growth in foreign markets, not to mention the political changes surrounding Brexit are all having an important impact. In our first blog of 2018, eSense Translations reviews how these factors could affect  […]

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Sending Christmas greetings across the world

In the U.K., there are many ways to wish one another a happy Christmas. “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” are the two most popular. With many other countries celebrating at this time of year too, eSense Translations shares the different ways Christmas greetings are shared in other languages and cultures. USA There are plenty of  […]

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8 Top Tips for Ensuring A Successful Translation

An accurate and effective translation can be a tricky task. It is not as simple as a word-for-word translation and this is one of the main reasons why machine translations struggle so much. There are other considerations that need to be made to ensure the task is completed successfully. eSense Translations share 8 top tips  […]