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Discover how translation services can benefit your business

Translation services are relevant for all businesses looking to be successful.

I realise that this is quite a bold statement, but check out our blog below from eSense Translations this week and discover why this is the case and how translation is a necessity for businesses today.

When I discuss our business with friends and colleagues, they are always surprised to discover the range of clients we work with. The general assumption is that translation services are only relevant for immigration solicitors and public sector organisations; assisting with processing visa applications, interpreting for customers who need to access local services etc. These types of organisations certainly do come to us with regular requests, but there are so many more benefits that language service providers, such as eSense Translations, can offer any business.


Never has the phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ been more pertinent. Our global connectivity has never been better or more widespread that a business can literally trade with a customer from the other side of the world.

The only potential barrier is language.

It is well known that customers are more likely to buy from a business if it speaks their language. And in a world where personalisation is vital for the success of a business, this is not really surprising.

This is where translation services can assist and help your business succeed on an international level.


Market Research

Before embarking on growing a foreign customer base, it is necessary to research your target market.

As with any market research, this could take the form of surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups; the added step being the translation of the content.

This is an area where eSense Translations specialises. We have translators and transcribers available, who are experienced in translating (or transcribing) market research content and providing it in a format that makes for easy analysis. We understand the project demands of the market research industry; the importance of attention detail, ensuring accuracy to obtain meaningful conclusions and of course, adherence to deadlines.

Once your market research is done and you understand your customer requirements, you can move onto the next stage…


Increasing your customer base

Translation service providers can assist you with translating and localising your website, so that it speaks effectively to your target audience. Our experts will not only understand the appropriate language to use, but will also be able to advise on the design concepts of your website. For example, were you aware that some colours are offensive in certain situations in some cultures? Aspects, such as these, need local expertise to flag them up and ensure they are dealt with correctly, if you are hoping to engage with this audience.

It’s not simply your website that needs your attention when engaging with a foreign target market. Translation providers can assist with taking any piece of your business’ marketing material and adapting it to target a foreign audience, ensuring that your message is communicated appropriately.

Translation of marketing material is not that straight forward. Think about the hours you, or your colleagues, may have spent pondering over certain words or phrases that effectively capture your brand. This needs to be recreated, or ‘transcreated’, into your new language, so that the tone and intent of your message remains on brand.

Working with experts, who can successfully transcreate your brochures, marketing material, emails and even any ad hoc correspondence required between you and your customers, will give your business the head start it needs to stay in front of the competition.  We can even manage your whole foreign social media campaigns, using platforms that are most relevant to your target market, posting content and engaging with your audience online.


Communicating with your new customers

Having identified your new target market and created your suitable website and marketing material, personal communication with your customers, in their local language, to assist with their enquiries will be needed.

At this point, it may be appropriate to bring in an interpreter, skilled in sales and customer service, to assist with any verbal requests from your customers. Depending on the frequencies of your customer queries, a full time employee may be appropriate, otherwise an interpreter, who can assist on an ad hoc basis, can be employed. Either of these options can be provided through a translation service provider. We will even be able to assist you with foreign-language speaking telesales individuals, if you are looking to boost your sales in this way.


Building a local team

As your business grows and sales from your foreign target markets increase, your company may take the step to develop a base in that country. There will be multifaceted language requirements here, from employing and working with local employees, producing and agreeing contracts, engaging with suppliers, dealing with local legal and tax requirements and much more. Although the translation providers, you initially dealt with, may be based in the U.K., it is likely that they have many international contacts, through their use of native translators and experts. Don’t overlook the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to assist with making this next part of your business venture stress-free and successful.


Translation services are vital for any modern business looking to grow their customer base. Don’t let language be the thing that prevents your company from growing into a globally successful business.

By Lorna Paice


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