Black Friday: Mistranslations

If you hadn’t noticed (and it is very difficult not to!) Black Friday was on the 24th November. Across the U.K. and beyond businesses offered some spectacular promotions to try and encourage customers to part with their money for Christmas.

With all the commotion and stress that can surround Black Friday, at eSense Translations we thought we’d give you something to smile about instead. Still around the theme of sales, eSense Translations would like to share our favourite mistranslations of promotions and advertisements:


When ordering Middle Eastern Food, who’d have thought that falafels would prove to be so difficult?

Mistranslation Falafel
Mistranslation: Falafels have problems!



I know some food can be spicy, but whatever this is sounds scary!

Mistranslation Spicy food
Mistranslation: Be warned when trying this spicy food.



Different foods seem to be taking on personalities of their own! Now it is the chicken that is being bad-tempered!

Mistranslation Chicken
Mistranslation: This chicken seems to have a bit of an attitude problem!



Another interesting range of offerings on the menu…

Mistranslation Strange sounding food
Mistranslation: Not quite sure what you will be getting if you order one of these items!



Fancy meatballs for lunch? Be careful!

This hotel in Iraq mistranslated its buffet dish of meatballs with quite sinister results due to  confusion in the sound of the word ‘meatballs’.

Mistranslation of meatballs
Mistranslation: What are these meatballs made of?!

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Finally, not a language mistranslation, but one eSense Translations wanted to share as a simple misspelling led to some horrified confusion…

Mistranslation Peasants Noticeboard
Mistranslation: Peasants beware!


What funny or surprising mistranslations have you come across? If you have any relating to Black Friday, we’d love to hear from you! Tweet us @eSenseTrans


By Lorna Paice

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