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5 Reasons why you should work with a translation agency for your language projects

With so much business now being completed online, a great way to boost sales is to target markets outside of the U.K. This is likely to lead you down the path of requiring translation services, as speaking in the target language will always gain a better response from your audience.

Your website, marketing copy, any market research and customer queries may all require translation in order to achieve the highest rate of success.

So, is a translation agency the first place you would look for this service? How could we help you and what are the benefits of working with translation agencies or language service providers, such as eSense Translations?

This week eSense Translations shares 5 benefits of working with a translation agency that will enable your transition into a global market to be as smooth as possible.


One stop shop for any language

Maybe you are targeting one local market; maybe you are looking at many more. Translation agencies will be able to translate your content into multiple languages all at the same time, all via one contact; your project manager.

At eSense Translations, we are able to offer over 250 different languages. So if you require your text to be translated into multiple languages, just send through your document and we will be able to send you the translations in the required languages in one delivery, by your required deadline. One simple step for you!


Full service in one place

There are more stages to a translation project than may, at first, be realised.  When eSense Translations work on your project, we will include translation, proofreading, formatting and certification/authentication (if needed) all in our project cost, so you know exactly what you are paying for from the outset.

Go direct and you may find that you will not receive the final polished article, as expected.


Understanding your full project requirements

Our company is well-established and deals with a wide range of requests from different industries daily. We understand the different requirements of each sector, the most effective procedures to use and the potential pitfalls.

eSense Translations has the tools to work in any format required and are experienced in working with a variety of bespoke templates.

We appreciate that the translation is just a step in a bigger process for you, so are able to work to your exact requirements to make your next step a smooth and efficient process.

Furthermore, with our knowledge and experience, we can advise you, if you are unsure how to proceed with your request.



Translating content requires specific industry knowledge. For example, medical documents and papers should only be translated by a professional who has a relevant medical background.  Seeking out a translator, who specialises in your field, can be a tricky business. Translation agencies will have those specialists already on their database and thus can assure you of accuracy in your translation.


Confidence in delivery

At eSense Translations, we appreciate the wider impact of a late delivery of a translation project, so we take our deadlines very seriously.

If, for any reason, one of our translators is unable to complete a file, we will work to ensure that it is reallocated elsewhere and your project deadline is not affected. Like a duck paddling on the water, your project will be smoothly delivered as agreed, whilst all the ‘paddling’ to get it completed will be done away from sight!


Ultimately, when working with a translation agency, we will minimize the ‘hassle’ of getting your project completed. You can get everything you require for your language project in one place, at an agreed fee from the outset and delivered on time to your exact specifications.

Let us do the hard work for you!


If you have any language project requirement, just get in contact with us and we will be happy to assist.


By Lorna Paice


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