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5 industries that are growing internationally using translation services

In our digital world of today, when communication with someone in China, India or the US is almost as easy as someone from two doors down, translation plays a big part in our daily business. We have discussed frequently in our eSense Translations’ blogs how digital communication has made the world a smaller place and created many new international business opportunities. This week, eSense Translations focuses on how this has impacted on the growth of the translation industry and which sectors have seen a growth in their requirement for translation services.



It stands to reason that as more and more businesses are looking to grow in international markets, the requirement for translation of marketing material, whether it is from an organisation directly or via a marketing company, has also increased in line with these demands. With so many advertisers vying for a customer’s attention, personalisation of content has become imperative and one of the fundamental ways of achieving this is through communicating in a customer’s native language. Translation of marketing material is a specialised skill, sometimes referred to as transcreating, where the content needs to not only be translated and adapted to suit the local audience, but also retain the organisation’s brand identity in the message. Marketing translation or transcreation can be needed for website copy, social media posts and engagement, brochures or many other marketing materials.



Market Research

Before launching a product, it is vital that your market is understood. Again, as businesses are growing internationally, the demand for market research in multiple languages is increasing also. To get an insight into their new target markets, businesses, often via a market research agency, will run one-to-one interviews or IDIs, focus group sessions and questionnaires (both on and offline). This content then needs to be transcribed and/or translated to provide the information the organisation requires. At eSense Translations, we regularly assist with audio transcriptions of interviews or group sessions that have been conducted in a different language and require an English transcript to analyse. This has certainly been one of the areas in which we have seen a big growth lately and the same can be said across the translation industry.



Finance and Banking

The growth of businesses on an international scale leads to all the other processes within the business requiring languages services. One area that has seen particular growth on a global scale is the finance and banking sector. To achieve customer satisfaction and build trust, all communication of financial transactions, such as banking statements, invoices and financial reports, need to be translated accurately into the native language.



Legal and Immigration

A sector that has always had the requirement for interpreting and translation services is the legal and immigration sector. As people look to relocate to different countries, meetings and interviews require an interpreter to be present, as well as a variety of paperwork that requires translation. The requirement for translation services in this sector is an ongoing one, as people move around the globe. However, the changes seen by the translation industry is in which languages are more frequently requested. This can depend on what political, environmental and socioeconomic changes are taking place across the world at any given time.

As well as immigration paperwork, many businesses require legal contracts to be translated when working on a global scale. When working within this sector, accuracy in translation is essential. Furthermore, the translator requires an excellent understanding of the legal practices in the country in which the business is working. At eSense Translations, to ensure legal translations are completed to a high level, legal-specialist translators and proofreaders are engaged to complete this work.



Travel and Tourism

Another sector where a requirement for languages services has been present for sometime is travel and tourism. However, as mentioned earlier in our article, the requirement for personalisation and the increased demand for content to be in the native language has also led to a growing requirement for content in this sector to be translated. Such materials could include marketing brochures, leaflets and posters, but also booking terms and conditions, travel schedules and even on-site interpreting for tour companies.



Whatever sector of industry you work in, as the world becomes more and more connected through digital technology, the requirement for translation and transcription services will become increasingly important for business growth. With specialists across the sectors, eSense Translations is ready to assist you when these needs arise.


By Lorna Paice

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