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Why translation is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry?

Last week eSense Translations wrote about the broad reach of translations services, illustrating how the growth in online global connectivity has led to translation being a consideration for many businesses, large and small. We touched on the sort of translation requirements for industries that work with an international workforce and in our blog this week,  […]

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The Broad Reach of Translation Services

“Translation services only affect a small section of industry and have little impact on my business.” For those people not involved in the language services industry, this is a common misconception. eSense Translations looks to bust that myth and demonstrate how translation can be relevant across many industries. Did you know that the percentage of  […]

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Localisation and its important role in translation

As global communication becomes easier, faster and more accessible than ever, brands are using this opportunity to expand their markets internationally. eSense Translations have addressed before the importance of communicating in the local language, but to engage effectively with a foreign audience an understanding of the local culture is also paramount. This is where localisation  […]

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Halloween across the world

Whilst many of us many regard Halloween as an American celebration that has gained recent popularity across the U.K., the origins of Halloween actually come from Ireland. In fact there are also many other countries across the world that share similar traditions. In the lead up to Halloween this week, eSense Translations compares the beliefs  […]

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What qualifications and skills are needed to become a translator?

Contrary to belief held by many not involved in the language and translations industry, simply being fluent in two languages is not enough to become a successful translator. In fact, translation is a skill that takes years to develop and most professional translators will continue to work on and refine their skills throughout their whole  […]

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6 Tips to Make Your Website Appealing for a Global Market

Thanks to our vastly improved connectivity over the last few years, the whole world can now be a potential market for your business. However, different audiences target audiences engage with content in different ways. Translating your website into the local language is a good start, but there are more points to consider when trying to  […]

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Language in the Digital Age and its Effect on Translation

Our communication online has become more frequent than ever, thanks to social media, email and the use of our Smartphones. The result of this has been a faster than normal evolution in our use of written language. In our blog this week, eSense Translations explores these changes and asks how it has affected the translation  […]

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What events took place for the European Day of Languages?

On Tuesday 26th September, it was European Day of Languages: a day to promote language learning and celebrate cultural diversity, not just in Europe, but across the world. eSense Translations reviews what this day involved and how it was celebrated.   The European Day of Languages has been celebrated annually now since 2001. It was  […]

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The Specialist Skills Required for Market Research Translation

Translation work requires much more than simply an ability to write and understand two different languages and is a skill that can take years to master. Most translators will choose to specialise in one particular field to hone their skills. When working on the translation of market research projects, the skills and qualities required are  […]

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Exploring the History behind Oktoberfest

What springs to mind when you think about Oktoberfest? Drinking German beer is often what many people associate with this festival! However, did you know that Oktoberfest is actually a traditional German celebration that goes back to 1810? This week eSense Translations, explore the history behind this popular festival.   Over the past few years,  […]