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Sport: When people unite and speak the same language

After a historic comeback from Liverpool FC earlier this week, I was mesmerised by the sight of tens of thousands of fans in the stadium, all standing and singing as one to celebrate with their team. If this game could unite so many people from a wide range of different backgrounds within the U.K., is  […]

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Translator or Interpreter: Why it is difficult to do both

Let’s start this week’s blog by clearing up the difference between a translator and an interpreter. Frequently, the terms are used interchangeably, when actually they are entirely different jobs. It would be the equivalent of referring to a writer as a mediator; simply not the same thing. An interpreter will attend meetings or presentations and  […]

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The day of the dragon! And three other national days.

Earlier this week, on the 23rd April, it was St. George’s Day. Although this is known as England’s national day, it is likely to have passed without many people in the country even realising! This week, eSense Translations explores St. George’s Day, finding out the history and legend behind it and why its recognition is  […]

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Translation Memory Software: What can it now offer?

Earlier this year, eSense Translations wrote about how translation memory software is a useful tool for translators; improving their speed, accuracy and efficiency. In fact, translators, agencies and clients alike are discovering the benefits of this technology, also known as Computer-Assisted Translation software, or CAT, and are looking to invest in a suitable solution. Technology  […]

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6 reasons why video conference interpreting could be the ideal solution for you

With organisations communicating on a global scale more than ever, the demand for language solutions has increased phenomenally. Alongside this global communication is the multilingual requirement here in the U.K., as many businesses find that interpreters are required to assist with communication with their clients. But what is the best way to fulfil these requirements?  […]

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6 Tips for Finding the Balance Between Formal and Informal Business Communication

Over the last couple of decades, the way in which many businesses conduct their activities has become more relaxed and less formal. In a lot of organisations, working hours have become more flexible, dress is less corporate and policies less rigid to account for the fast development of technology and the opportunities this brings. With  […]

Holi, Spring celebrations, Festival of Colours

Celebrating Spring Around the World

The recent wonderfully, unseasonal warm weather has instigated thoughts of Spring and with that in mind, eSense Translations has been inspired to write a blog on the Spring traditions that take place around the world. It is human nature to feel awakened, revived and energised when the weather begins to change. It signals new beginnings  […]

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Marketing translation: The additional expert skills required

At eSense Translations, we only use translators who are specialists in their field of translation. And there is a good reason for this decision. In order to translate content accurately and effectively, a complete and up-to-date knowledge of sector-specific vocabulary and processes is vital. When working on translating marketing copy, it could be argued that  […]


Not all technology is fighting against the translator!

In the translation industry over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion about machine translation, and often namely Google Translate. Its progress is being watched carefully by translators across the world, whose whole approach to work may have to change the more success this technology achieves. Machine Translation or MT may  […]


Switching Suppliers: Don’t let inertia be a threat to your business!

eSense Translations’ blog this week is inspired by a client, who has experienced a significant acceleration in success, following a recent switch of supplier. This led eSense Translations to question why clients are afraid of change. Why are they happy to accept mediocrity, or worse, instead of devoting just a little time and effort into  […]